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Hello! Bonjour!  Thanks for visiting my page!

I am Melissa C. Martin, bilingual career and military to civilian specialist.

For ten years, I worked as an employment counsellor at two military bases  in Kingston (www.kmfrc.com), and in Trenton, delivering career transition presentations and workshops to outgoing military members and provided employment assistance to hundreds of  military spouses.

My background with the military community:

• Assistance in meeting educational, career and employment goals
• Interview preparation
• Individual job search/career coaching available by appointment
• Goal setting
• Career assessments

And creating and revising hundreds of resumes!

Currently, I work specialize in mental health  and now help military members make the transition to the civilian workforce.

Is this YOU????

You know it’s time to step out of your uniform and make a career change

You wonder how do I start my journey to “civvie street?”

You think, “I have no idea what to do next”

You want to familiarize yourself with the civilian workforce

You desire a new brand to sell to civilian employers

You want to prepare intensively for a  job interview

You want to learn how to make career decisions outside your life in the military


 Cynthia Martin

I know the military culture, plain and simple. And I live with a military member.

I know the stresses of the military lifestyle: deployment/moving, language barriers, and trying to help spouses find a job in a new community!

And I know how the toll of how mental illness, like PTSD can hold you back from employment and moving forward. (I have helped MANY clients who suffer from mental illnesses).

So doesn’t it make sense to consult a career professional who knows your culture and language???

I’m Melissa Martin, B.A., B.Ed.   Certified in solution-focused interviewing and counselling, public speaker, and former radio broadcaster.   I am a career expert on www.careerealism.com and www. secretsofthejobhunt.com 

In 2011, onelinedegree.net rated me among the top 100 “excellent, inspiring career coaches on Twitter.” 

Having specialized in mental health for the past three and a half years, I am an approved counsellor on www.self-growth.com/

As a military spouse and former employment counsellor at two military bases, I know “military talk.” Even though I am officially bilingual in English. French, I also can translate military talk into “civvie talk!”

  1. You get a confidential one-to-one call with me – 60-90 fluff-free minutes. You get my
  2. down to earth common sense, direct no-bs style and irreverent humor.
  3. Before the call, you send me your summary, resume, and any information you’d like to share. When we meet, we won’t waste time. We hit the ground running.
  4. Each session is recorded so you can download the mp3 file to listen as often as you like.
  5. You get a week of follow-up email because you will probably think of questions after we hang up the phone.


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