How to Change the location of your Command Key

Sometimes keyboards that are not made for Macs don’t have a Command key.  And instead of the Command key they may have an ALT or OPTION key where the Command key normally is.

Here is a quick fix for this.

Here is how to make your OPTION or ALT key into a Command key.

Step 1: On the upper left corner click on the Apple icon then click on the System Preferences tab.













Step 2: Click on the Keyboard icon



Step 3: Click where it says Modifier Keys





Step 4: Now if you have an OPTION key where the you want the Command key to be just change the value to the right of  the OPTION and make it the Command key.  In this example both the Command key and the OPTION key are set to be the Command key.

So for windows users when you used to use CONTROL C to copy now you use Command C to copy.





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